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Last updated: 7/6/2020

Why do I have to take my child’s temperature at the door?

As of June 29th, The Office of Childcare mandated that parents take their own child’s temperature at the front door. The new approach is to minimize physical contact during drop off.

Why can’t I come inside the building?

The strategy is to help with social distancing -- childcare centers are mandated to greet and receive children at the front door until further notice. 

When will the lunch resume?

There are two reasons why lunch hasn’t continued:
1. We need to meet our quota of lunches before our contract with the vendor can resume.   
2. Not enough childcare centers are reopened in our area at this time.

When will the enrollment go back to normal in my child’s classroom?

We don’t have any control over the policy that is currently in place with social distancing throughout the childcare industry. The Governor/ OCC will advise us when we can increase enrollment.  We are predicting not until the government/schools reopen.

Why do I have to pay full tuition when the center was closed last week?

Due to the reduced enrollment (as mandated by the Governor/ OCC), all childcare centers are operating on very little resources. In order for Themba to stay reopened -- with such reduced enrollment, It was necessary to create and maintain a budget for payroll and bills. The budget is based on the exactitude of currently enrolled in each classroom and any deviation from these numbers makes it impossible to stay reopened. As such, If we don’t receive weekly full tuition payments - as budgeted, the staff doesn’t get paid and payments necessary to keep the building open are not made. We totally operate off of your tuition payments and we are grateful for your continued support. Themba doesn’t receive any type of subsidized support to operate.  

Why can’t my child go on field trips?

The OCC has banned all field trips due to COVID-19.  
When will the hours go back to normal?
Our hours will resume back to normal when the center is at 50% capacity. This may not happen until the government returns back to work.

Do the children need to wear masks?

Children are not required to wear a mask, but it’s highly recommended for children 3yrs and up.

Why can’t my child come to school just a common cold?

The health department has mandated that children with any signs of sickness get cleared by their physician prior to returning to school. 

What’s the best time to talk to my child’s teacher?

Please call the center between the hours of 1:00 pm-3:00 pm if you have any questions about your child’s day.