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Four Year old pre-kindergarten program

Continuing from the Preschool learning stage, Pre-K learning focuses on problem-solving, responsive listening and language usage, as well as social and collaborative skills, with specific lessons in:

  • Reading (matching letters to sounds, recognizing familiar words)
  • Writing (using letters and other symbols to create written messages)
  • Math (simple addition and subtraction, sorting and classifying objects)
  • Social skills (respecting others and working together)
  • Physical skills with complex or combined movements (jumping rope, climbing).

Contact Us Today - 301-552-KIDS (5437)

Monday - Friday 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
6715 Cipriano Road, Lanham, MD 20706

Experience Exceptionalism in Childcare!

Individual and group experiences allow children to interact both with others, as well as their environment. In addition, classrooms have been specially designed to be comforting and stimulating, and to further maximize teacher-child interactions and learning.

At the same time, we never forget your child’s most important teacher is you: regular updates --through innovative childcare tool such as
Tadpole, keep you informed and involved about your child’s time with us.

4 Benefits of Our Pre-Kindergarten Program - Our Curriculum

*The InvestiGator Club*

Children are born explorers. Naturally curious, they want to know about the world and their place in it. The InvestiGator Club preschool curriculum taps into this sense of wonder by connecting play, imagination, and content to the real world. "Purposeful inquiry," the heart of The InvestiGator Club, challenges children to use their senses, to ask questions, and to find the answers in a supportive, language- and literacy-rich environment.

To learn more about
The InvestiGator Club please click here.

*Extracurricular Classes*

Themba CLC is home to many outstanding enrichment and extra curricular programs. Please click here for more details.


A curriculum based reading and spelling program which teaches children the fundamentals of the English language. Zoo-Phonics exceeds state standards!! Our children learns the sounds of the alphabet in TWO WEEKS! Faster than we ever expected our children are reading, spelling and writing! For more information on Zoo-Phonics click here.

*All-Inclusive Meals Catered by Good Food*

At Good Food, our goal and our passion is right there in our name – Good Food. We believe in healthy options for children in daycare. Our family and our employees are dedicated to bringing fresh, made-from-scratch, delicious breakfasts and lunches to thousands of eager little learners in the D.C./Baltimore metro area.

Our family-owned business – now in its third generation – has been cooking up healthy, balanced meals for local daycares and preschools since 1979.

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