The Program --

  • Instructed by a highly qualified and degreed early childhood teacher (BA or MA) 
  • Assisted by an experienced assistant
  • Using a nationally recognized and MSDE recommended Curriculum –THE INVESTIGATORS CLUB
  • Monday-Friday | 9am – 3pm (for 180 school days)

The mission is to develop a well-rounded, highly-prepared group of children that are school-ready!


Now Enrolling!only 20 spaces available

​Our program will infuse a multi-faceted learning approach that incorporates –in addition to the adopted state recommended curriculum, other learning areas to include:

  • Foreign Language (Chinese, French or Spanish)
  • Science/Gardening
  • Physical Education

Requirement for FREE Enrollment:

  • Income requirement 200% below Federal Poverty Line.
  • Children must be four (4) years old or older on September 1.
  • Parent must complete Enrollment Application, provide income verification and other enrollment docs

You may complete enrollment in-person at the Center; however, we recommend that you first download the enrollement package first --as this process is a little extensive.

6715 Cipriano Road * Lanham, Maryland 20706

Contact Us Today - 301-552-KIDS (5437)

Monday - Friday 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
6715 Cipriano Road, Lanham, MD 20706

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